The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

Book 2: A Coven of Crows


[B2] Prologue: A Husk of Morality

[B2] Chapter 1: The Fragrance of Sorrow

[B2] Chapter 2: The Fate of Sisters

[B2] Chapter 3: The Sting of Gossip

[B2] Chapter 4: Roses at a Funeral

[B2] Chapter 5: Tortured and Twisted Grief

[B2] Chapter 6: A Whisper of Malice

[B2] Chapter 7: The Weight of Guilt

[B2] Chapter 8: The Shadows of Valor

[B2] Chapter 9: The Ties of Blood

[B2] Chapter 10: The Mark of a Master

[B2] Chapter 11: A Blade of Secrets

[B2] Chapter 12: A Trade of Secrets

[B2] Chapter 13: The Color of Fear

[B2] Chapter 14: Prince of the Desert

[B2] Chapter 15: The Bloodlines of Covens

[B2] Chapter 16: The Shackles of Power

[B2] Chapter 17: The Ripper’s Smile

[B2] Chapter 18: Shadow of the Witch Hunters

[B2] Chapter 19: A Lady of Mystery

[B2] Chapter 20: The Divide of Power

[B2] Chapter 21: A Bog of Poison

[B2] Chapter 22: The Sounds of Discord

[B2] Chapter 23: A Prick of Cunning

[B2] Chapter 24: A Breach of Trust

[B2] Chapter 25: A Trace of Poison

[B2] Chapter 26: The Scent of Violence

[B2] Chapter 27: A Play of Power

[B2] Chapter 28: The Guilt of Providence

[B2] Chapter 29: A Breath of Deception

[B2] Chapter 30: The Labyrinth of Anthraticus

[B2] Chapter 31: Daughter of Frost

[B2] Chapter 32: The Price of Immortality

[B2] Chapter 33: A Dangerous Deviation

[B2] Chapter 34: The Politics of Marriage

[B2] Chapter 35: A Wave of Ambition

[B2] Chapter 36: A Prison of Fear

[B2] Chapter 37: The Web of Politics

[B2] Chapter 38: The Peril of Gossip

[B2] Chapter 39: The Scent of Manipulation

[B2] Chapter 40: A Mark of Enmity

[B2] Chapter 41: The Taste of Emptiness

[B2] Chapter 42: A Menu of Disaster

[B2] Chapter 43: The Weight of Dawn

[B2] Chapter 44: A Wrinkle of Truth

[B2] Chapter 45: A Testament of Humanity

[B2] Chapter 46: A Questionable Alliance

[B2] Chapter 47: The Spoils of Matrimony

[B2] Chapter 48: The Fate of a Queen

[B2] Chapter 49: The Fragrance of Treachery

[B2] Chapter 50: The Prodigal Son Returns

[B2] Chapter 51: The Spice of Discord

[B2] Chapter 52: A Conflict of Interests

[B2] Chapter 53: The Fangs of Winter

[B2] Chapter 54: The Consequences of Fate

[B2] Chapter 55: The Unveiled Truth

[B2] Chapter 56: The Path of Failure

[B2] Chapter 57: A Channel of Power

[B2] Chapter 58: A Vision of Ghosts

[B2] Chapter 59: The Trouble with Twins

[B2] Chapter 60: The Arrival at Dawn

[B2] Interlude VI: Predators of the Desert

[B2] Chapter 61: A Peddler of Betrayal

[B2] Chapter 62: The Gift of Family

[B2] Chapter 63: The Art of Seduction

[B2] Chapter 64: A Banquet in Red

[B2] Chapter 65: A Shiver of Dread

[B2] Chapter 66: A Dance of Assassins

[B2] Chapter 67: The Promise of a Reckoning

[B2] Chapter 68: The Pendulum of Power

[B2] Chapter 69: The Discomfort of Diplomacy

[B2] Chapter 70 {Part 1}: The Poetry of Cannibals

[B2] Chapter 70 {Part 2}: A Servant of Chaos

[B2] Chapter 71: The Rose of Lafeara

[B2] Chapter 72: A Stage of Fools

[B2] Chapter 73: A Scene of Tragedy

[B2] Chapter 74: The Face of Death

[B2] Chapter 75: Lines of Division

[B2] Chapter 76: The Specter’s Twisted Vendetta

[B2] Chapter 77: The Trouble with Ghosts

[B2] Chapter 78: The Daughters of Ramiel

[B2] Chapter 79 {Part 1}: A Reflection of Pride

[B2] Chapter 79 {Part 2}: The Face of a Monster

[B2] Chapter 80: The Murky Truth

[B2] Chapter 81: The Widow in Mourning

[B2] Chapter 82: A Prelude of Misfortune

[B2] Chapter 83: A Union of Trust

[B2] Chapter 84: The Wisdom of Diplomacy

[B2] Chapter 85: The Trouble with Curses

[B2] Chapter 86: The Pearls of Stratagem

[B2] Chapter 87: The Heart of a Diamond

[B2] Chapter 88: The Mantle of a King

[B2] Chapter 89: The Lips of Fate

[B2] Chapter 90 {Part 1}: Marked for Death

[B2] Chapter 90 {Part 2}: A Balance of Truths

[B2] Chapter 91: An Alliance of Convenience

[B2] Interlude VII: The Role of the Second Prince

[B2] Chapter 92: A Twist of Betrayal

[B2] Chapter 93: A History of Treachery

[B2] Chapter 94: The Immortal Heart of Kirsi

[B2] Chapter 95: A Rose with Thorns

[B2] Chapter 96: Blood Stains and Visions

[B2] Chapter 97: The Veil of Diplomacy

[B2] Chapter 98: A Gathering of Wolves

[B2] Chapter 99: A Dangerous Pedestal

[B2] Chapter 100: A Grave of Mercy

[B2] Chapter 101: A Necessary Sacrifice

[B2] Chapter 102: The Price of Naivety

[B2] Chapter 103: The Seed of Calamity

[B2] Chapter 104: The Shackles of Destiny

[B2] Chapter 105: An Alliance of Covens

[B2] Epilogue {Part 1}: An Oath of Allegiance

[B2] Epilogue {Part 2}: A Crown of Sorrow

[B2] Interlude VIII: Tears of the Sun

[B2] Interlude IX: A Glimmer of Opportunity

[B2] Interlude X: The Corruption of Power

[B2] Interlude XI: The Chosen of Ramiel

[B2] Special Interlude XII {Part 1}: Supposed to be Dead

[B2] Special Interlude XII {Part 2}: Bargaining with a Ghost

[B2] Special Interlude XII {Part 3}: The Lady of Turnbell


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