The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

Book 1: A Den of Wolves


[B1] Prologue: The End of the Beginning

[B1] Chapter 1: The Masks of Society

[B1] Chapter 2: Run Rabbit Run

[B1] Chapter 3: Less Than Human

[B1] Chapter 4: The Stench of Gossip

[B1] Chapter 5: A Manor of Malice

[B1] Chapter 6: The Taste of Poverty

[B1] Chapter 7: The Stain of Misfortune

[B1] Chapter 8: A Brush of Deception

[B1] Chapter 9: A Taste of Poison

[B1] Chapter 10: A Touch of Cruelty

[B1] Chapter 11: The Shadows of Lovers

[B1] Chapter 12: The Poison of Royalty

[B1] Chapter 13: The Scorpion of Vetrayna

[B1] Chapter 14: History Cautions Ambition

[B1] Chapter 15: Foxes Hunt the Rabbit

[B1] Chapter 16: A Battle of Queens

[B1] Chapter 17: A Dash of Violence

[B1] Chapter 18: A Skulk of Beasts

[B1] Chapter 19: Deal with a Ghoul

[B1] Chapter 20: Dance with the Devil

[B1] Chapter 21: A Merciless Dawn

[B1] Chapter 22: Trial of a Witch

[B1] Chapter 23: The Winds of Change

[B1] Chapter 24: A Blindfold of Pride

[B1] Chapter 25: The Weight of Prejudice

[B1] Chapter 26: A Theater of Cruelty

[B1] Chapter 27: The Justice of Beasts

[B1] Chapter 28: The Value of Virtue

[B1] Chapter 29: A Nest of Secrets

[B1] Chapter 30: The Game of Nobility

[B1] Chapter 31: A Prison of Hope

[B1] Chapter 32: A Den of Wolves

[B1] Chapter 33: The Thorns of Nobility

[B1] Chapter 34: Pride of the Fallen

[B1] Chapter 35: Shadow of the Scorpion

[B1] Chapter 36: The Cost of Loyalty

[B1] Chapter 37: The Weight of Poverty

[B1] Chapter 38: A Touch of Divinity

[B1] Chapter 39: Shadow of the Crown

[B1] Chapter 40: The Bonds of Family

[B1] Chapter 41: A Test of Grace

[B1] Chapter 42: A Dance of Courage

[B1] Chapter 43: A Twist of Fate

[B1] Chapter 44: The Priest’s Witch Hunter

[B1] Chapter 45: A Test of Knowledge

[B1] Chapter 46: A Blade of Justice

[B1] Chapter 47: An Examination of Truth

[B1] Chapter 48: A Gift of Friendship

[B1] Chapter 49: The Lies of Faith

[B1] Chapter 50: The Taste of Magic

[B1] Chapter 51: A History of Witches

[B1] Chapter 52: The Scent of Suspicion

[B1] Chapter 53: Wolves in the Garden

[B1] Chapter 54: The Queen of Wolves

[B1] Chapter 55: The Corruption of Paradise

[B1] Chapter 56: The Winds of Sorrow

[B1] Chapter 57: The Final Challenge Begins

[B1] Chapter 58: A Banquet of Wolves

[B1] Chapter 59: A Gala of Discord

[B1] Chapter 60: A Glimmer of Magic

[B1] Chapter 61: The Fortune of Fools

[B1] Chapter 62: The Claws of Guilt

[B1] Chapter 63: Weight of the Dead

[B1] Chapter 64: The Chill of Death

[B1] Chapter 65: A Garden of Secrets

[B1] Chapter 66: A Test of Loyalty

[B1] Chapter 67: Chosen by the Scorpion

[B1] Chapter 68: An Oath of Loyalty

[B1] Chapter 69: A Mother’s Love

[B1] Chapter 70: The Treachery of History

[B1] Chapter 71: The Color of Desire

[B1] Chapter 72: The Shackles of Pride

[B1] Chapter 73: The Shadow of Grief

[B1] Chapter 74: The Solace of Friendship

[B1] Chapter 75: Scent of a Witch

[B1] Chapter 76: Secrets of a Lady

[B1] Chapter 77: A Matter of Trust

[B1] Chapter 78: The Color of Betrayal

[B1] Chapter 79: A Shadow of Deception

[B1] Chapter 80: A Brotherhood of Sorrow

[B1] Chapter 81: A Vendetta of Power

[B1] Chapter 82: A Clash of Wills

[B1] Chapter 83: A Lover’s Cursed Fate

[B1] Chapter 84: A Broken Family Affair

[B1] Chapter 85: An Unholy Reckoning

[B1] Chapter 86: A Baptism of Fire

[B1] Chapter 87: A Pure-Blood Devil

[B1] Chapter 88: A Spark of Chaos

[B1] Chapter 89: A Trail of Destruction

[B1] Chapter 90: A Twist of Malice

[B1] Chapter 91: A Storm of Crows

[B1] Chapter 92: A Sanctuary of Sin

[B1] Chapter 93: A Feast of Crows

[B1] Chapter 94: The Rot of Power

[B1] Chapter 95: A Crown of Vengeance

[B1] Chapter 96: An Official Death Notice

[B1] Chapter 97: The Absence of Grief

[B1] Chapter 98: The Wings of Fate

[B1] Chapter 99: A Crown of Crows

[B1] Chapter 100: A Specter of Betrayal

[B1] Chapter 101: A Treacherous Path Forward

[B1] Chapter 102: The Beginning of the End {Part 1}

[B1] Chapter 103: The Beginning of the End {Part 2}

[B1] Epilogue: The Pope of Zarus

Interlude I: The Disgraced Prince

Interlude II: Mask of the Ghoul

Interlude III: The Betrayed Prince

Interlude IV: Goddess of Destruction

Special Interlude V: The Crow and the Earl

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