The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

Book 3: A Plague of Witches



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[B3] Prologue {Part One}: A Spark of Divinity

[B3] Prologue {Part Two}: The Shadow of Zarus

[B3] Prologue {Part Three}: A Den of Perversion

[B3] Chapter 1: A Taste of Immortality

[B3] Chapter 2: A Garden of Stratagem

[B3] Chapter 3: A Resolution of Lovers

[B3] Chapter 4: A Tense Reunion

[B3] Chapter 5: The Secrets of a Maid

[B3] Chapter 6: The Stench of Death

[B3] Chapter 7: The Hunter’s Demon Eyes

[B3] Chapter 8: A Dance of Scarlet Snow

[B3] Chapter 9: A Tremor of Ambition

[B3] Chapter 10: A Wake of Crones

[B3] Chapter 11: A Gift of Consideration

[B3] Chapter 12: A Tainted Respite

[B3] Chapter 13: A Declaration of War

[B3] Chapter 14: A Risky Alliance

[B3] Chapter 15: The Pretense of Power

[B3] Chapter 16: A Trail of Ambition

[B3] Chapter 17: Broken Delusions of Grandeur

[B3] Chapter 18 {Part One}: A Waking Nightmare

[B3] Chapter 18 {Part Two}: Defensive Preparations

[B3] Chapter 19: A Gaggle of Lords

[B3] Chapter 20: A Cunning Arrangement

[B3] Chapter 21: The Weight of Experience

[B3] Chapter 22: Of Leaf and Shadow

[B3] Chapter 23: Of Envy and Pride

[B3] Chapter 24: Of Blood and Water

[B3] Chapter 25: Of Rot and Wood

[B3] Chapter 26: A Betrayal of Tears

[B3] Chapter 27: An Offer of Friendship

[B3] Chapter 28 [Part One]: The Penalty of Perjury

[B3] Chapter 28 [Part Two]: The Executioner’s Blade

[B3] Chapter 29: A Trail to Victory

[B3] Chapter 30: Of Pride and Caution

[B3] Chapter 31: The King’s Stag

[B3] Chapter 32: Of Flesh and Bone

[B3] Chapter 33: Of Rage and Hunger

[B3] Chapter 34: A Weakening of Truths

[B3] Chapter 35: A Culling of Honor

[B3] Chapter 36: The Scales of Kinship

[B3] Chapter 37:

[B3] Chapter 38:

[B3] Chapter 39:

[B3] Chapter 40:


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